ALS to Host TJ Benson in March 2019 Book Jam

The Abuja Literary Society’s monthly Book Jam will feature TJ Benson with his new collection of short stories, “We Won’t Fade into Darkness.”

The Book Jam will be happening by 7pm on Friday, 29 March 2019 at Sandralia Hotel, Jabi.

TJ Benson is a Nigerian writer and creative photographer whose work has appeared in several online journals like Jalada Africa, Expound and Bakwa magazine, and in print magazines like Transition Magazine and more recently Saraba‚Äôs “Transitions” issue.

His collection of short stories, ‘We Won’t Fade Into Darkness’ was just released in Nigeria in 2018 by Parresia Publishers.

He is a two-time writer-in-residence at the Ebedi Writers Residency Nigeria and currently resides in Abuja. He tweets @tjbenson_ and you can follow his work on TJ Benson is also a member of the Abuja Literary Society.

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